A Teacher and a Marketer walk into the store…

So what do a teacher and a marketer have in common?  Well, let’s see…

  • They both engage and educate their audience
  • They both set goals
  • And, they are both looking for outcome

I often receive gasps of amazement when I tell people I was an elementary/special education teacher.  “And now you work in marketing…?!”  I think well, yeah, why wouldn’t I be in marketing

When I made the switch, I knew to apply the same rules of a teacher to my marketing campaigns.  As marketers we have to educate our audience about our products and services.  We show value and the return on the investment.  Educators teach children about investing in their education, and their futures will be brighter; Marketers teach customers that investing in their products, they will be better service providers for their customers.

We both set goals to make sure that we hit our benchmarks, learn from our mistakes, and repeat those techniques that have worked well for us in the past.  We look for outcome.  We help people get to their outcome.  To a teacher and a marketer, each definition of success is different, but the ways in which we get there is remarkably the same.

So I ask you, would you be able to tell the difference between a teacher and a marketer if you saw them at the store?



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